Harvey: I need you to dig into Travis Tanner. Find out where he's worked, where he's gone to school, what cases he's won.
Mike: Why? You thinking about starting a Wikipedia page for him?
Harvey: I don't know anything about how this guy operates. And before I make a move, I need to know everything about how this guy operates.
Mike: Right. For his Wikipedia page.
Harvey: You think the Mavericks didn't watch game film on LeBron before they played the Heat?
Mike: You're Harvey Specter. You don't need to watch game film.

Undefeated is the ninth episode of the first season of Suits and the 9th overall. It first aired on August 18, 2011.


Harvey must decide if he can break his ethical code in order to defeat Travis Tanner, a shady lawyer. Meanwhile, Rachel is accused of treason against Pearson Hardman, and is defended by Mike.



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