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Trevor Evans
Portrayed by Tom Lipinski
S02E08P002 Trevor
Biographical Information
Occupation: Drug dealer
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Significant Others: Jenny Griffith (ex-girlfriend)
Character Information
First appearance: "Pilot"
Latest appearance: "Fork in the Road" (flashback only)
Appearance Count: 8
Trevor Evans was the closest childhood friend of Mike Ross and also was Jenny Griffith's boyfriend. Their relationship ended, however, after Trevor informed Jessica Pearson that Mike hadn't attended law school.[1]

Background Edit

Trevor serves as a foil for Mike. Unlike Mike, who is intelligent and has finally broken free from his old life, Trevor is hesitant to start anew and continues selling marijuana. He had a relationship with Jenny Griffith, who broke up with him after learning that he dealt drugs.


Season 1 Edit

Trevor and Mike seem to have been best friends for many years. During a conversation which Mike and Edith, she stated that after his parents died, Trevor parents offered to take him in. Trevor however, was the main reason Mike got kicked out of college, Trevor needed to pay back for weed he bought and so he encouraged Mike to memorize a math test and sell it. Sadly, this just so happened to have been sold to the dean's daughter. As a result, the department demanded the dean to resign, and his last act was expelling Mike and to inform Harvard which ruined his chances of becoming a real lawyer.

Season 2 Edit

Trevor discovered that Mike was dating Jenny after she left him. As revenge, he told Jessica that Mike never went to Harvard, he also told Jenny about his kiss with Rachel which caused her to leave Mike as well. When they meet again after this, he states he plans on doing further things to ruin his life, but Mike revealed that he knows Trevor's social security number and he will use it against him if he needs to, which forces him to back down. Trevor is not seen again after this (except during a flashback episode), and him and Mike never see or talk to each to other again.

Trevor's plan was unsuccessful, despite Jessica finding out about Mike's secret, his position at the firm was secured anyway after Harvey threatened to leave if Mike was fired.

Season 4 Edit

He appeared in flashbacks in the episode Fork in the Road, where he rents an apartment in the city and offers to pay Mike an entire year's worth of rent in order to pay him back for taking the fall for him in college (Trevor sold a test to the dean's daughter and Mike took the blame, which resulted in Mike's expulsion from school and Trevor being able to graduate). In other words, Mike would be able to live in the apartment for free, while Trevor pays for everything.

Appearances Edit

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References Edit

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