Harvey: Dreibach bought a shelf company.
Mike: What's a shelf company?
Harvey: It's a corporation that exists only on paper so its owners can hide their assets.
Mike: Isn't that a shell company?
Harvey: No, it's a shelf company. [...] Take a shell company. Give it a bank account, credit history, tax returns. And let it season for years on a shelf. Someone buys it, slots their name into it, and they walk away with an established corporation with a pre-existing history. Anyone looks any closer, you shut it down and do it again.
Mike: That's legal?
Harvey: Shelf companies are legal. I'm guessing what Tori's doing with hers isn't.

The Shelf Life is the tenth episode of the first season of Suits and the 10th overall. It first aired on August 25, 2011.


Mike and Harvey have to fire Stan Jacobson, a Senior Vice President of Dreibach Accounting who has been working for 9 years with a fake diploma. Mike sees himself in this man and is faced with a choice. Mike and Rachel are spicing things up in the office while Louis creates some possible trouble for Jenny's and Mike's relationship.



Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Andrea Parker as Tory
  • John Billingsley as Stan Jacobson
  • Vanessa Ray as Jenny Griffith
  • Patrick Gallagher as Joe Spina
  • Ben Lewis as Seth Keller
  • Xuan Fraser as Judge Anthony Morrison
  • Chantal Quesnelle as Charisse
  • Matt MacDonald as Ben
  • Jamie Spilchuk as Rudy
  • Gregory Meyers as Waiter
  • Nigel Hamer as Host
  • Egidio Tari as Guard
  • Carol Avery as Liz Silver


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