Shadow of a Doubt is the 5th episode of the third season of Suits, and the 33rd overall. It first aired on August 13, 2013.

Overview Edit

Lines between the personal and the professional get blurred when Harvey and Stephen work together on Ava's case, and Mike invites Rachel to join him on a case that gets complicated when his secret falls in the line of fire -- with Rachel's parents.[1]

Synopsis Edit

Open with Harvey upset that Donna's not in the office to give up some paperwork. We see that she's in bed with Huntley and the new couple's fling seems to be going quite well.

Harvey and Mike go before a judge with Cameron. Cameron has done enough to convince the judge there is some evidence Ava was connected to the murders and the trial is set for two weeks.

Donna tells Rachel she's still worried about telling Harvey about Huntley. Rachel thinks it'll be fine, so long as the relationship doesn't compromise her work.

Mike and Harvey decide they need to get Cameron off the case. A prosecutor without an axe to grind with Harvey would certainly drop the case. The goal is to prove Cameron colluded with Gianopoulos to take over Ava's company.

Louis is upset when he learns Nigel has been communicating with the associates via memo. He orders an associate re-do some work, which contradicts Nigel's orders.

Huntley tells Harvey his deal with Darby is still in place so long as he wins the murder trial. Huntley takes a look at the guys' plan to sue Gianopoulos and bets Harvey ten grand he can do better. Harvey promptly kicks Mike off the case and brings on Huntley.

Rachel tells Mike about Donna and Huntley. Mike asks Rachel to help him with a new case, going after Graeme Stinton, an accountant who embezzled $30 million from the firm's clients.

Nigel shows up at Louis' club and confronts him about meddling with his associates. They argue over the best way to mold young lawyers.

Harvey and Huntley meet with Gianopoulos. Their plan is for Huntley to sue him in London and keep him tied up in the legal system. They will basically be an annoyance unless he comes clean about Cameron leaking him the videotape.

Prior to an interview with Stinton's associate Rachel seems to hint that she doesn't want Mike to meet her parents. She's worried they'll find out his secret.

Donna tells Harvey about Huntley. He's fine with it so long as she doesn't work for him.

Stinton's associate, Clark, says she doesn't believe he manipulated the numbers. When she refers to Stinton by his first name Rachel realizes she's been sleeping with him. They say they'll put her on the stand if she doesn't get Stinton to give the money back.

Nigel makes paperweights for all the associates that make fun of something Louis said to him. Louis confronts Nigel about crossing the line but the conversation is interrupted when Nigel's cat jumps on the desk. Louis loves cats and gets along with the animal immediately.

Jessica tells Harvey that several important clients have just fired the firm. Gianopoulos purchased the companies for the express purpose of firing Harvey's firm. Harvey's lost the firm more money in a day than he ever won for it in a month.

Rachel invites Mike to dinner with her parents.

Harvey meets with Ava. Gianopoulos has been dumping stock, losing tens of millions of dollars. She furious when she learns he picked a fight with Gianopoulos. Ava says she'd rather do prison time than have Gianopoulos take over her company.

Dinner with Rachel's parents seems to go well. Both of them like Mike and Rachel's mother tells her husband not to grill Mike.

Huntley tells Harvey the reason Gianopoulos is acting this way is because he subpoenaed the man's daughter. Harvey thinks Huntley went way too far and the two argue. Huntley brings up Donna and the discussion gets more heated. Harvey kicks Huntley off the case.

Rachel's father and Mike share a scotch. Inside Rachel's mother tells her daughter everything will be okay if she loves him.

Harvey tells Jessica about Huntley's screw-up and says he needs help. She suggests they have Ava sell Gianopoulos her shares in exchange for voting rights. In exchange Gianopoulos gives up Cameron.

During the conversation Rachel's dad asks Mike what he thinks about Rachel applying to Stanford. Mike had no idea she was looking at a West coast school.

Stinton approaches Mike and Rachel. He's just married Clark, which legally means she wouldn't have to testify against him. They plan to challenge the validity of the marriage.

Donna is upset with Huntley for throwing their relationship in Harvey's face. He apologizes and says he wants to continue seeing her. She's going to think about it.

Ava is reluctant to sell shares to Gianopoulos. She relays her experience merging with Darby and thinks Ava should do what she needs to in order to keep her company. Jessica also suggests she could get out of the deal down the road.

An angry Mike confronts Rachel about Stanford. She's got an interview at the end of the week which only makes Mike angrier. He thinks she was afraid to tell him she might want to go to school across the country.

Nigel asks Louis to cat-sit for a few weeks. Louis agrees.

Harvey has good news for Jessica. In an effort to protect himself, Cameron never actually showed Gianopoulos the tape. But he left him along in a room with the tape.

Louis tells Donna he was up all night with Nigel's high-maintenance cat. And he loved it.

Harvey confronts Cameron about his goof with regarding to chain of custody with the tape. But despite this making his case almost impossible to win, Cameron still isn't going to drop the charges.

Mike tells Rachel he wants them to do bad cop-bad cop. They tell Clark they are charging Stinton with stealing, a 15-year sentence and her with accessory after the fact, a 5-year sentence. The charges will be files in Connecticut, a state which doesn't stop married couples from testifying against one another. If she trusts him, Mike says, she should go to jail and hope he's waiting for her when he gets out. Rachel adds that there is nothing worse than having a deception hanging over a relationship. Clark tells her she'll get them the money back.

Huntley congratulates Harvey on getting the tape thrown out and getting Ava her job back. He's thinks its funny Harvey got Jessica to help dig her own grave.

Mike drops by Rachel's place. He thinks her advice to Clark was related to their situation. She says it has occurred to her that Stanford might be the fresh start she needs. She wants the freedom to make the decision on her own.

Jessica tells Harvey she plans to make him a named partner. His name will be on the wall the following morning. Darby is treating her the way she treated him and she wants them to be on the same side.

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Guest Cast Edit

  • Yanna McIntosh as Judge Pearl Atkins
  • Drew Nelson as Graham Stenton
  • Lesley Faulkner as Beth Clark
  • Neemish Parekh as Simon Bandaru

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