*'Please add an infobox by going to Add Other Templates under the Template section while editing and typing Template:Infobox Character into the search box. Select the one with the capital C in Character.

Basic Information: Include a simple definition and if applicable, first appearance.

If the appearance of the character is minor with relatively very few details, put the information here; there is no need to include the subheadings below.


Short summary about characteristics, skills, ordinary routines.


Season 1

Brief summary about the actions, plots, conflicts of character in Season 1.

Season 2 Link etc.

Brief summary about the actions, plots, conflicts of character in Season 2.


Name of Character

Short brief summary of relationship with a preferably major character. Please include all history beginning from the first appearance.


Add the gallery icon by copying the code below and putting two ['s before the entire thing and two ]'s after. Be sure to add the first and last name of the character.

   File:Mike Ross Gallery Icon.png|link=

Please do not add a gallery onto the character page. We use a category page to organize the photos. Information on how to name photos and tagging them, please go to the Image Guidelines.


  • Add this section only if applicable.

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