Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke sign

The firm before Pearson and Hardman took over

Pearson Hardman was a New York law firm on the USA Network show Suits. As of 2013, Daniel Hardman has been dismissed off as a partner through a majority vote of the partners because of his actions that almost caused the demise of the firm.

Soon after the dismissal of Daniel Hardman, Allison Holt and Robert Zane (with the help of Daniel himself) used their firm's resources to try and take down Pearson Hardman, thinking that they were weak. This led to Jessica merging the firm with Edward Darby's Darby International, creating the Pearson Darby law firm, which had since been renamed to Pearson Darby Specter upon Harvey Specter's promotion to name partner, renamed again as Pearson Specter when Darby and his firm left, and again as Pearson Specter Litt following Louis Litt's promotion.


Before the year 2003, the firm was named Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke. Shortly before Harvey had left the DA's office, Jessica Pearson and Daniel Hardman successfully staged a coup against Gordon, Schmidt, and Van Dyke, thus creating Pearson Hardman. This takeover was said to be fast, as described by Harvey Specter " got [your name] up there fast". 


  • Pearson Hardman shall strictly hire only associates that graduated from Harvard Law.
  • The founding partners may each name one junior partner to be promoted to senior partnership every year.
  • Should the managing partner, for whatever reason, step down from his/her position, he/she shall name a successor as new managing partner.
  • Fraudulently suing the firm is grounds for dismissal.

Senior Partnership

  • Every year, a junior partner may be named by each founding partner to be promoted to senior partnership.
  • Should a junior partner be selected, he/she shall buy out a share of Pearson Hardman worth $500,000 to be promoted to senior partner.
  • It is tradition that a senior partner hires an associate upon their promotion.


  • An annual mock trial that shall give newly hired associates a chance to a good impression on the partners.
  • A rookie dinner, where a new associate hosts a dinner for the other associates and the partners of Pearson Hardman.

Known and Former Members

Pearson Hardman - Pilot

The original wall in the first episode


Managing Partners

Senior Partners

  • Harvey Specter
  • Louis Litt
  • Watson
  • Klyman
  • Gallo
  • Goldberg
  • Paul Porter
  • Carson
  • Fogerty
  • Pearson Hardman Wiki Profile Pic

    Firm wall sign

    Hanson (formerly, left for the Justice Department)
  • Reeger


Senior Associates

 Junior Associates



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