Monica Eton is a former senior associate at Pearson Hardman, and during her time there, she became good friends with Rachel Zane. Louis Litt had a crush on her, but she refused his offers to date. After her extramarital affair with Daniel Hardman was revealed, Jessica Pearson fired her. She works as merchant in Park Avenue boutique.

Five years later, as a ploy to rid Hardman of some of the support he had at the firm, Harvey told Mike Ross to approach Monica and convince her to file a sexual harassment suit against Hardman. Harvey later revealed that he had set up the meeting with Monica at Louis' usual Thursday lunch restaurant to see if Louis would inform Hardman.[1]

Daniel then filed the same harassment case for her against Louis using word-for-word the same thing Mike wrote against him.

Notes Edit

  • It is exceedingly odd that a Harvard educated lawyer would be working as a Retail Merchant at a boutique, even after getting fired. It's probable that Jessica had her black balled after firing her.

References Edit

  1. Blood in the Water (January 24, 2013). Season 2, Episode 12.

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