McKernon Motors is an American sports car manufacturer based in New York, whose factory is located on 19 West 57th Street. Founded by Avery McKernon, the company specialized in producing Formula One cars. It has an annual turnover of over $150 million.[1]

The current CEO, Robert L. Stensland, planned to sell the ground underneath the factory for $200 million and move manufacturing overseas assuming that the real asset of McKernon Motors is its name. However, Harvey Specter strongly opposed this idea, because as he said, the real asset is the quality, which would not stay at the same level if manufacturing moved overseas. With the help of Mike Ross and Dominic Barone he convinced a rich businessman Laurence to buy the company for $250 million. Board of directions agreed to this offer, so the flagship factory stayed in New York, remaining high quality and workers' jobs. Stensland was then discharged.

Notable employeers

  • Robert L. Stensland – CEO (former)
  • Dominic Barone – production manager, lead car designer and engineer
  • Joe – engineer


  • Harvey wrote their bylaws when he was an associate, when he was two years younger than Mike.[1]


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