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Louis Litt
Portrayed by Rick Hoffman
S02E11P038 Louis
Biographical Information
Full name: Louis Marlowe Litt
Status: Active/Alive
Occupation: Lawyer
Position/Rank: Senior Partner
Specialty: Financial Law
Institution: Pearson Specter
Pearson Darby Specter (formerly)
Pearson Darby (formerly)
Pearson Hardman (formerly)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Significant Others: Sheila Sazs (ex fiancé)
Parents: Naomi and Saul Litt
Siblings: Esther (sister)
Relatives: Mitchell Samberg (cousin)
Character Information
First appearance: "Pilot"
Latest appearance: "No Way Out"
Appearance Count: 35 (all)

Louis Marlowe Litt, J.D. is a lawyer and senior partner at Pearson Specter. He was promoted to the position of senior partner at Pearson Hardman by Daniel Hardman prior to the latter's dismissal from the firm,[1] and retained his position after the subsequent merger with Darby International.

Background Edit

Louis was already a junior partner at Pearson Hardman five years prior to Mike joining the company, and it was around this time that Norma was made his secretary, something that Louis initially disliked. His position at the firm was put under threat, however, when Harvey, under orders from Jessica, discovered evidence which seemed to suggest that Louis had been stealing from the company. It was later revealed however, through Louis' own indirect assistance, that it was in fact Daniel that had been stealing money, and he had set up Louis to take the blame.


Season 1 Edit

We meet Louis Litt as a junior partner in Pearson Hardman. On the first day of Mike's job, Louis fires an associate which tells Mike he should be afraid of Louis. 

Louis takes Mike to the tennis club and forces Mike to get stoned with Tom Keller, who doesn't want to be Louis's client. Litt blackmails Mike with a fake drug test.

He tries to be like Harvey and also tries to have a friendship with Donna. He does have a friendship with Donna. She rushes to the hospital to be with him. 

Season 3  Edit

Louis looks in the Harvard files while in the Harvard file room with Sheila, and can't find Mike Ross' file.

Louis has a heart attack and does survive.

In the hospital Louis gets engaged to Sheila.

Louis and Sheila want seperate things in their lives.

Relationships Edit

Harvey Specter Edit

Louis harbors an intense jealousy towards Harvey for making senior partner so early, after Harvey spent his time junior to Louis (who achieved junior partnership while Harvey was still only a senior associate), and their rivalry forms a major part of their relationship. When Donna was fired for shredding documentation that might incriminate Harvey, Louis jumped at the chance to assist in a mock trial at the firm. Despite their heated relationship, Louis himself later takes the stand to defend Harvey, much to the surprise of everyone.

In spite of this jealousy, Louis holds a deep respect for Harvey, which he admits in the mock trial under the questioning of Jessica. Louis once compared his relationship with Harvey to that between Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog from Looney Tunes; stating that whilst they were enemies at work, at the end of the day they left on amicable terms. The clash of Louis and Harvey is therefore evident insofar as Harvey is everything Louis has desired to be. That is, the attractive, suave and socially respected wunderkind. It is the frustration of following always in Harvey's shadow and not as an equal that causes the perpetual rift between them. However, beyond social status, the two are very similar both in intelligence and ability to practice law in their areas of expertise. This type of relationship is effective as it allows for both comedy and drama simultaneously. Louis' devious but harmless nature can arouse both amusement and compassion in the viewer. Similarly, Harvey can humorously insult Louis and equally sympathise when it matters most. Ultimately, Harvey and Louis will forever have polar opposite personalities but it is the underlying mutual respect that precludes a rift from becoming a gulf.

Jessica Pearson Edit

Jessica does not appear to be especially close to Louis. Louis is often angered by how Jessica's favors Harvey over him and often questioned her decision to promote Harvey to senior partner before him. Despite this, Jessica and Louis have a good working relationship, though it somewhat wavered when Louis sided with Daniel Hardman during his reign. When Louis was planning on leaving Pearson Hardman, Jessica tells him that she considers him a valuable employee to the firm and does not want him to resign. Despite her relationship with Harvey, she often rebukes him when he does unorthodox things to Louis.

Mike Ross Edit

Louis often shows jealousy towards Mike due to his close relationship with Harvey. However, it is clear that he recognizes Mike's ability and they have formed a strong partnership on every occasion they collaborate. More importantly, Louis is not intimidated by Mike and thus a more open friendship is evident between the two; though neither of them would outright admit to labelling it as such. Mike is in a difficult position of being Harvey's right-hand man and hence, on the 'inside', yet still seeing merit in Louis, an 'outsider', and enjoying his company. Despite Louis' choices with the Pearson Hardman civil war, his and Mike's relationship has survived intact. After Mike was beaten up by Tess' husband, Louis immediately tended to Mike's injuries with his own first-aid supplies, and then proceeded to use his financial expertise to help with Trent's case, despite planning to hand in his resignation letter to Jessica the next morning.[2]

Daniel Hardman Edit

Louis has only a superficial admiration for Daniel Hardman. He essentially used Daniel as much as Daniel did him, i.e. for promotion to Senior Partner, due to Jessica's extensive investment in Harvey which left Louis continually feeling neglected. This is something he later regrets for the strain it causes on his relationship with both Harvey and Jessica. However, at the end of "Blood in the Water", they both make clear that he is a valuable and wanted asset to the firm. Daniel and Louis do not have a relationship per se, they were simply a means to an end for one another, and nothing more.

Trivia Edit

  • He had braces 5 years before Mike was hired to join Pearson Hardman.
  • He had a MySpace account.
  • He loved his cat, Bruno, and was completely devastated when he died.
  • He was already a Junior Partner when Harvey was still a Senior Associate.
  • He has a dictaphone that he keeps as a diary.
  • He uses catchphrase Litt Up, which he also got registered as a trademark.
  • He likes ballet.
  • He enjoys mudding.
  • He plays tennis.
  • He likes Donna and seemed upset at Harvey for letting her go.
  • He had a special suit (Brioni) saved in his closet for when he became senior partner.
  • Louis had a crush on Monica Eton.
  • Louis appears to have a crush on Donna, Harvey's assistant.
  • Louis did not have any friends as a child and was bullied in school. He was also homeschooled until 10 years old.
  • Louis' assistant is Norma, whom you never see.
  • Louis' apartment is on 601 E 59th Street, New York City (according to address wrote on envelopes of letters sent to Nigel Nesbitt's cat Mikado).

References Edit

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  2. Blood in the Water (January 24, 2013). Season 2, Episode 12.

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