Harvey: You gave me your word you'd stay out of that prison case!
Mike: Harvey–
Harvey: You're gonna stand there and tell me you're not working on it? Because Oscar Reyes told me you deserve a medal for what you're doing for him.
Mike: Harvey, I meant to let the clinic handle it. Okay? It just turned out this thing is bigger than we thought.
Harvey: I don't care if turned into the trial of the century. We had an agreement.

Harvey Specter and Mike Ross

Home to Roost is the sixth episode of the seventh season of Suits and the 98th overall. It first aired on August 16, 2017.


Mike deals with the blowback on his prison case; Harvey tries to tell Donna about his relationship with Paula; Louis' past behavior comes back to haunt him.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Nitya Vidyasagar as Stephanie Patel
  • Jake Epstein as Brian Altman
  • Mary Ashton as A.U.S.A. Danielle Randolph
  • Sarah Murphy-Dyson as Ms. Sterling
  • David Huband as Judge

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Harvey finds out that Mike is lying to him about working on the prison case, and orders Mike to drop it. However, Alex Williams discovers that Mike was violating his agreement and bursts into the courtroom, notifying the judge and thus getting the settlement thrown out.
    • Mike lashes out against Alex in Harvey's presence. However, Harvey mulls over Mike's words and realizes Alex did what he did because Alex is somehow involved in the situation, and asks Alex to tell him the truth.
  • Harvey is told by Paula to notify Donna that they are dating, which bothers Donna. Donna and Harvey then share a conversation, with Donna telling Harvey that she is happy for him and returning his apartment key.
  • Stephanie Patel files a sexual harassment lawsuit against Louis Litt, although Louis manages to get her to drop the suit when he apologizes and explains why he acted the way he did. He also makes amends with Brian Altman and allows him time to be a father and an associate.

Cultural References

No cultural references were made in this episode.


  • Louis mentions being sued for sexual harassment via a lawsuit by Daniel Hardman. ("He's Back")
  • Rachel tells Donna that "Michelle Ross" and "Harriet Specter" should go out for a drink, referencing the time they used those aliases during a night out drinking. ("Meet the New Boss")
  • Harvey mentions how he felt when he found out about Donna and Stephen Huntley and how it bothered him. ("She's Mine").



Harvey: What the hell are you doing with Frank Gallo?
Mike: Harvey...
Harvey: Don't pretend like you don't know. He just left me a message asking me to make sure that you don't fuck him over.
Oliver: What are you doing here? Thought you weren't supposed to have anything to do with this anymore.
Mike: I'm not. But there's nothing in that agreement that says I can't come watch my friend Oliver kick some ass in court.
Oliver: Strap the hell in. 'Cause this motherfucker is going down.


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