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Eric Ignatius Woodall worked as the Director of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission after Charles Forstman installed him there. He was U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, but he was fired for malicious prosecution. He and Jim Pempry arrested and hauled Mike into custody in the episode "No Way Out" along with Harold Gunderson for bribing witnesses at the Ava Hessington trial. Stephanie Liston who is working at the U.S. Attorney's office explains to Donna that it took him 4 years to win his last case and that he won't stop at anything.

Woodall's plan was to get Mike to turn on Harvey in exchange for a deal, but he refused. When that did not work out, he brought Harold Gunderson in along with Mike to get him to testify against both Mike & Harvey.

Mike was facing years in prison, but Louis Litt arrived just in time to stop Harold Gunderson from testifying. After 4 hours, Mike and Harold were released from custody, Woodall tells Harvey that he has no intention of dropping the case, despite stopping Harold from testifying; but then Harvey tells him that if he doesn't, he will go after him for malicious prosecution, in which he refused to allow Mike to call Harvey based on a fabricated terrorist claim.

Woodall lost his job after Harvey filed claims of malicious prosecution against him. After he was fired from the attorney's office, Charles Forstman got him a job at the SEC, in exchange, Woodall protected Forstman. He was then suspended without pay after his money transactions with Fortsman was revealed and was facing prison.

James Quelling was the main reason why Mike was hauled into custody, even though he did not directly go to the U.S. Attorney's office and report him, he brought the settlement to Allison Holt's attention, after which she then went to the attorney's office.
Eric Woodall's family tree

Eric Woodall's family tree

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