Bruno was Louis Litt's pet, breed of Birman cat. Louis brought him to Pearson Hardman office in episode "Break Point" and ordered Harold Gunderson to look after him for a while. Louis was thinking that Bruno had not been eating because of dental problems and took him to the vet, but it turned out that Bruno was terminally ill and died, which left Louis devastated.[1]

Louis keeps framed photography of Bruno on his desk, as seen in episode "Blood in the Water" during an argument with Harvey.[2] Bruno was also mentioned by Nigel Nesbitt in the mock trial over the ownership of Nigel's cat Mikado in episode "She's Mine".[3]

Bruno was played by CH PR Gryphonwood Hope Floats - AKA 'Molly' - a seal point female Birman show cat who resides in Guelph, Canada with her breeder and owner Heather Reynolds.


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