Allison Holt, Esq. is the attorney that Daniel Hardman and Jessica Pearson assigned to handle the fraud lawsuit against Harvey Specter and the firm in "Break Point".

She and Harvey often argued about their methods throughout the investigation. After she received a deal to settle with $5 million from the firm and the disbarment of Harvey, Jessica let Daniel fire Allison, saying that she wanted the firm to win the case and they won't be able to with Allison's distrust of Harvey.

In "Blood in the Water", she tried to steal Trent Devon away from Pearson Hardman by offering a deal "too good to be true". In the meantime, she had been taking senior associates from Pearson Hardman, as well as meeting with Louis about joining Bratton Gould. When she met with Harvey, thinking it would be with Trent, she also gave an offer to Harvey.

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